Our newest vessel the S/Y Ruach is making its way to Australia!
A crew from Redwise Maritime Services, along with members of our own crew, will be sailing our vessel from Amsterdam to Newcastle, and expect to arrive in Australia on January 28th, 2017.

You will be able to track the passage of the Ruach all the way across the world on this page.  This significant voyage is not one to be missed!


Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Tenerife, Canary Islands
(Completed 14th October, 2016)

Tenerife, Canary Islands to Barbados, Caribbean
(Completed 8th November, 2016)

 Barbados, Caribbean to Panama City, Panama
(Completed 22nd November, 2016)

Panama City, Panama to Papeete, Tahiti
(Completed 30th December, 2016)

 Papeete, Tahiti to Suva, Fiji
(Completed 3rd January, 2017)

 Suva, Fiji to Newcastle, Australia
(Completed 28th January, 2017)