Our team here at YWAM Ships Newcastle have been able to take the s/y Ruach out for open sea trials on multiple occasions over the past two weeks. During these trials we discovered that the MF-HF Radio had malfunctioned, as well as the sewage system. We are pleased to report that both repairs have been made and we are now only needing to reinstall the radio upon the vessel.

The process of installing air-conditioning and fire insulation has been completed. We have purchased a new zodiac, an inflatable boat which will carry crew and medical supplies to and from the vessel upon arrival in Papua New Guinea.

Once we leave port the s/y Ruach will travel to Townsville before setting sail for our final destination of Alotau, Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea has the worst healthcare status in the Pacific region with 94% of the population living in malaria affected areas. YWAM Ships partners with the PNG government to provide sustainable development by delivering medical services and training. The s/y Ruach will be the fourth vessel to join the YWAM Ships fleet operating in PNG.

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