Our crew have been working tirelessly as they prepare the s/y Ruach for life in the tropics. The vessel was generously donated to YWAM Ships Newcastle by Mr. Hans-Ulrich Birenstihl early last year with the intention of being used to deliver medical services in Papua New Guinea. YWAM Medical Ships has been collaborating with the Papua New Guinean government since 2010 delivering much-needed training and medical care. The s/y Ruach is scheduled to deploy out of the Milne Bay Province in PNG later this year.

The vessel has been undergoing modifications since its arrival in January before deployment to Papua New Guinea. This includes installing air-conditioning, a smoke detection system, additional fire insulation and a number of other smaller refinements. We are also in the process of acquiring a new Zodiac, an inflatable boat which will carry crew and equipment to and from the vessel upon arrival.

The refit is nearing completion and once preparations have been finalised we will begin sea trials, and make any final modifications before the voyage to Papua New Guinea.

If you would like to give towards the final modifications, acquisition of the zodiac or our medical work in Papua New Guinea, you can do so here.