ABC Radio Newcastle recently interviewed David Stephenson, managing director of YWAM Ships Newcastle. The following is was published on social media.

Newcastle Harbor has a new resident from Europe.

Sitting proud at Lee Wharf is the 37 m vessel Ruach.

It was donated to the charity Youth With A Mission (YWAM) which is a worldwide Christian movement.

The twin mastered schooner has made the trip from Europe and soon will be travelling to Papua New Guinea to help change lives.

The ship was gutted and rebuilt at a cost of 4.3 million euros and now is a fully functioning 26 berth vessel.

For the next couple of months, it will stay in Newcastle to receive some final adjustments.

David Stephenson is the Managing Director for YWAM Newcastle.

“I’m really excited for the city,” he said.

The medical vessel will deliver a range of services to remote and isolated regions in Papua New Guinea, including optometry, dentistry, midwifery, immunisations, and primary healthcare.

The ship’s crew come from all over the world – but there is a focus to get local people involved.

“There are still opportunities for those interested in the maritime area, from engineers, deck crew to deck hands,” Mr Stephenson said.

Health professionals from all over NSW will spend two weeks on the ship.

“For some of them it’s the best moments of the year going onshore to run clinics and delivering services.”

“Schooners themselves tend to be purist and it’s all by hand – it’s all hands on deck literally,” he said.

And what about the sea sickness?

“It isn’t that bad, you tend to adjust!”