This article was published in the Newcastle Herald on 07.03.17

Donor of the s/y Ruach, Hansueli Birenstihl of Jurgendheim Sternen AG, aboard the vessel in Newcastle Harbour.

A vessel called the Ruach was given to YWAM Ships Newcastle

Imagine if someone gave you a ship. Handed it to you. Just like that.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Apparently, it does happen.

Hans and Bettina Birenstihl, of the Swiss charity Jugenheim Sternen AG, donated a ship to a Newcastle organisation.

The ship is called the Ruach. The organisation is YWAM [Youth With A Mission] Ships Newcastle.

The vessel will join a fleet of medical ships that provide health and medical services to Papua New Guinea.

The country is considered a challenging place to do such work.

David Stephenson, managing director of YWAM Ships Newcastle, said he was proud that the donors had chosen Newcastle to receive this vessel.

“The Ruach has previously played an important training role for young men coming out of very troubled backgrounds,” he said.

“I am privileged to be able to continue the Ruach’s legacy in assisting those in challenging circumstances and need.”

The broader-based organisation, YWAM Medical Ships, has provided 553,000 healthcare and training services to Papua New Guinea over the last seven years.

They’ve helped 108,000 patients over this time.

That’s quite a feat.