Last year, during a medical outreach through YWAM Ships in Papua New Guinea, a team from YWAM Newcastle encountered a family who brought their sick baby to the vessel. The baby had been ill for more than 6 weeks. It was a miracle that he was still alive because, at only 9 months old and without having had any medical treatment before, his body could not fight against his illnesses.

The parents had been praying for their son for a very long time before they heard from friends that medical ship m/v Pacific Link, was anchored at Long Island. Even though they lived a whole day’s walk from where the ship was anchored, they made the journey. Desperate to have their baby examined, the family stayed overnight on the beach.

For them, the vessel was a sign of hope. When their baby first became sick, there was no chance of receiving health care on Long Island, but because YWAM Ships arrived when it did, the family was able to receive the necessary medical treatments, and their baby survived.

Story from Luisa Becker
YWAM Media Discipleship Training School Student